Yogasana is an ancient workout method that has a wide range of health advantages. Yoga is a way of life that has been shown to help not only one’s emotional and mental wellness, but also one’s skin and hair. If you’re weary of your short bob and want your tresses to be longer, yogasana can help with hair growth. Yoga is also gaining popularity around the world due to its beneficial effects on hair growth and overall health.

Here are several yogasanas that encourage hair development while also minimising hair loss and increasing overall wellness.

  1. Kapalabhati
  2. Adho Mukha Svanasana
  3. Sarvangasana (Standing Pose)
  4. Balasana (Balancing Pose)
  5. Sirsasana is the fifth asana.
  6. Vajrasana is the sixth pose.
  7. Uttanasana is the seventh pose.
  8. Matsyasana is the eighth pose.



 It is a “Sanskrit” term that translates to “skull” and “light.Essentially, this is a ‘breathing exercise’ that aids in the removal of toxins from the kapal, or entire head or face region, by improving oxygen flow, lowering free radical 7, and encouraging hair development. This yogasana also aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety, both of which are causes in hair loss.


Step 1: Keep your back, neck, and head straight by sitting in a crossed leg position and keeping your back, neck, and head straight.

Step 2: Place your hand on your knee and relax all of your muscles, palms facing up.

Step 3: Inhale deeply, then exhale completely while contracting your abdominal muscles.

Pro Tip- Do Kapalbhati for a couple of minutes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

 It is one of the twelve poses performed during Surya Namaskar. Basically It’s a transitional resting stance that helps to raise oxygen availability to the scalp and promotes hair development by increasing blood flow.

Adho Mukha Svanasana has a variety of other physical advantages, such as calming the mind and increasing energy. This is one of the most effective yoga asanas for preventing hair loss and increasing blood flow to the scalp.


Step 1: Stand with your feet hip width apart and your hands reaching for the floor.

Step 2: Take a few steps backwards and stretch your hands and legs.

Step 3: Lie down on your back with your ears touching your arms.

Pro Tip- Hold the stance for 30 to 45 seconds, and avoid it if you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, high blood pressure, retinal detachment, a dislocated shoulder, poor eye capillaries, or diarrhoea.


It is a full-body workout that targets several muscle groups. It aids in the improvement of your body posture. Aside from that, it improves blood circulation in your head. This yogasana is good for dry, thin hair and has a long-term influence on your head.


Step 1: Lie down against a wall on your back and establish a 900 angle with your legs.

Step 2: Using your support, lift your hips off the ground and then balance your entire body on your shoulders.

Pro Tip- Consult your doctor if you have a slip disc, heart problems, or high blood pressure before doing this.


Balasana is a child’s position that has nothing to do with hair. It does, however, combat the two most common causes of hair loss: stress and intestinal problems. Balasana is frequently recommended for treatment from stomach problems, and it is also known to aid with anxiety. This stance can have a favourable impact on your digestive and mental health, lowering your risk of hair loss significantly


Step 1: Lie down on your mat, knees folded, and legs touching your hips.

Step 2: Exhale and bend down with your core until your forehead and palms are touching the ground.

Step 3: Inhale, stretch your hands upwards, and then exhale and bend down with your core until your forehead and palms are touching the ground.

It’s much better if you can rest your elbows on the ground! Stay in the pose for 30 seconds to a minute, focusing on your breathing.

Pro-Tip: This asana should be avoided if you have diarrhea, a knee injury, severe neck or back discomfort, high blood pressure, vertigo, or a slipped disc.


Also known as the headstand, Sirsasana promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which aids in hair loss, thinning, and balding prevention.

This asana promotes fresh hair development and prevents hair from greying. It promotes hair development by assisting latent hair follicles to attain their maximal growth potential.


Step 1: Kneel down and place your fingers behind your head, interlocked.

Step 2: Now, stoop down and place your brow on the ground.

Step 3: Raise your legs slowly to stand upside down perpendicular to the floor, supporting the crown of your head with your interlocked hands.

Step 4: Keep your arms straight and your legs close together.

Try to keep your balance for a few seconds after your body is solid in this stance.

Pro Tip: To master this stance, you’ll need a lot of practice. If you’re having trouble, ask for help or rest against a wall if you are beginner.


Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) is a basic but strong pose. It directly addresses stomach-related disorders, which you may or may not believe play a significant role in hair loss. According to studies, unhealthy gut flora can promote hair thinning and eventually hair loss. Vajrasana aids in the relief and healing of many of these ailments, as well as improving digestion. This is important to hair growth since nutrients are absorbed more efficiently by the body when digestion is in good shape. Maintaining a nutritious diet is, of course, essential for long, thick, and healthy hair.


Step 1: Kneel down and sit on your heels with your neck and back straight and your heels close together.

Step 2: Maintain a calm position with your hands on your thighs, palms down, and your head and gaze straight.

Step 3: Maintain that position for at least 30 seconds, taking deep and long breaths throughout. When you’re through, stretch and relax.

Pro Tip: For a slimmer tummy, sit in Vajrasana every day.


 Uttanasana (Camel Pose) is a challenging yoga asana to learn. This yoga pose stretches and relaxes muscles while also increasing blood flow and oxygen levels to the head.

As a result, your hair follicles become stronger and your hair grows longer. It improves the quality and texture of your hair, as well as making it perfect and shinier.


Step 1: Standing upright with your feet touching each other is the best way to start.

Step 2: Raise your arms above your head and take a deep breath.

Step 3: Bend forward while keeping your arms straight and not exhaling.

Step 4: If you’re comfortable, try touching the mat and hugging your knees while keeping your head down the entire time. Maintain this position for 15-30 seconds.

It may take a few times to perfect this yoga asana. Don’t forget to exhale as you rise.


Pro Tip- If you have a lower back ailment or a knee joint or ankle injury, this asana should be avoided.


One of the most effective and popular asanas for strong, long, and healthy hair is Matsyasana (Fish Pose). It’s simple to practice and, like the other poses stated above, can be done swiftly at home without any equipment. With regular practice, this yoga asana is recognized to alleviate most hair problems.


Step 1: Lie down on your back and bend your knees inwards, much like you would when sitting cross-legged.

Step 2: Now, with your palms facing down, position your hands next to your hips. Raise yourself up by activating your core muscles, but keep your head on the ground.

Step 3: You should have a completely arched neck. Extend yourself as far as you can and hold the pose for 15-30 seconds.


Pro Tip: When bending, avoid putting any strain on your back, as this might result in significant injury.